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Changed By Worship - by Erwin Lutzer
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Have you ever wondered what is all about,
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The making of book there is not end, but spend time with Christian Literature.Thanks for visiting!  
In addition to the titles listed below, don't miss clicking on "Sample Catalog Pages." You will find many more listed--in full color.
These are--
  Inspiring, Helpful and --Both Old and New
We are about SHARING the best in Christian  and .
You can have such titles as:
"Our Children Murdered and Robbed!" (Including many quotes from our nation's forefathers)
"Who Is It Who Doesn't Babies?"  (On , especially for all young )
"Looking Unto Jesus," by Adolphe Monod (Translated from the French)
"Whatever Is Pure--Think on These Things"  (Scriptural instructions for the help in with various temptations)
"Can Good Works Help You Secure Heaven? (Most important, with being by works or by grace and what it is you are depending on)
"Is Jesus God?" (The answer is yes, but you will find answers you have not thought of before!)
"The Christian Economy" (Who wrote it? We don't know. It was translated from the and found in a cave on the Isle of Patmos where John was exiled)
"What Does It Really Mean--'God Is Not a Respecter of Persons' "? (This is a subject most often misinterpreted and misapplied. The scriptural interpretation is vital in better understanding of who God and is)
"Why Preach Electing Grace?" (A personal letter from George Whitefield to John Wesley, a doctrinal thought-provoker)
"A Drop of Honey Out of the Rock Christ" by Thomas Wilcox. (Written in the 1600's)
"The Burdened Soul Sustained" by John Kershaw. (Written in the 1800's)
"The Nature of Sin" by Philip Henry, father of Matthew Henry. (Written in the 1600's)
"The Necessity of Divine Teaching" by William Romaine. (Written in the 1700's)
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