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Sad Abortion Story:(
Why Abortion Is Wrong...

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The Bible clearly says that such as "whore-mongers,"

"adulterers" and "fornicators"--

being  sexually active before marriage--

will not inherit  the kingdom of heaven!

Thankfully, God is a God of mercy, and

He will forgive the repentant sinner.

But if you sin with the attitude that

"I will do this sin, and then I

will repent later," don't be so sure!

The Bible also says repentance is a gift,

and your heart could be so hardened

that you do not find it.

The gift possibly may not be given.

Don't presume upon God in this way.

Avoid temptation. Flee from it.

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Regrets After Abortion (Lucy-Skillet)
These are REAL quotes from REAL women who have had abortion and now say they regret what they have done. Abortion doesn't have to be your answer. Abortion doesn't have to be your regret. Cho...

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It Is Unbelievable

Do animals kill or shelter their young?

What "choice" do murdered babies get?

A baby in the womb is still a baby!

80 unborn children
will be murdered every minute.

4800 every hour.
11,500 every day.
42,000 every year.

It is murder!

Young Person, Here is a message to an unborn child,
by it's very repentant mother.
May you learn from her and
never make the same "choice."

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To my unborn child, im sorry
I had an abortion at the age of 17, a decision i came to immediatly regret and still do, it didnt make anything better, only worse, so i share my story, if people are going to leave comments please re...

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