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Special Loving Note:

The very motivation of this website is to SHARE blessings. A dear friend introduced us to the website,
from which the following most excellent writing was taken.

If you ever wanted to know what true Christianity is all about, or what it SHOULD be about, most assuredly you need to read this beautiful writing. It will literally thrill the hungry soul! It is one of the most helpful, beautiful writings I have ever seen.

I will point out one thing before we proceed. That is, when the author speaks of "the fatherhood of God" he does not mean it in the sense that the modern-day liberal would mean it, that all mankind are sons of God and have God as their father. True, we all are created by God, but God is not the spiritual Father of all.  Satan is the spiritual father of the "children of wrath." To have God as your spiritual Father, you have to be a Christian, born of the Holy Spirit.

So if you want to experience the beauties of what you see here, it must be on the Christian path and nowhere else!  Christ IS the
Way, the Truth, and the Life, and none come to the Father except by Him. But what you see outlined below will perhaps show you
outstanding beauties in a way you have never seen before. So we highly recommend and even urge you to take the time to read what follows in its entirety.--Glen Berry

Divine Realities
by Charles Orr

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Look at this beautiful range of mountains!

Think of the Church being not on or around just one mountain,

but sprinkled amidst all the mountain ranges!

What a thing of beauty!

God created them all. All His sheep He bought with His blood.

Now think of this beautiful scripture from Song of Solomon 2:8

as it typifies Christ Jesus our Lord:

"The voice of my Beloved!

Behold He cometh leaping upon the mountains,

skipping upon the hills."

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