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Serious Warning!
Do you know what Jesus
really looked like?
Even if you did, you would NOT
know what the GLORIFIED
CHRIST looks like!

What if a FALSE messiah came that looks like what the world has been conditioned to think that Jesus looks like? The deception would cause them to follow a

Look at what follows:

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Images of Christ
We are most aware of deceptions in this modern christian world, but there is one that has been accepted by everyone save a few whose eyes are opened by the truth in Jesus Christ.

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Why We Are Not to Make a Graven Image of God - Part 1
The Second Commandment

Now let us think. You may say,  "But I don't bow down  to pictures of Christ."  Do you mean that you love Jesus with all your heart, yet when you see a so-called picture of Him, you  don't give any credence or  feeling of worship? That is highly unlikely. And if you don't, then why have the picture at all anyway?

And you must know that many DO actually bow down to that image or picture, in the outward act of worship.
Even many churches do that. Besides all this, the picture or image is not a true picture or likeness. It is a symbol and you are bowing your heart to the symbol rather than doing what God wants,--to worship Him in spirit and in truth." The picture or image is actually a fraud because it is not reality. And the fraud can 
actually become an idol.  And would you want someone to take a picture of someone ELSE and then tell everyone  that it is YOU? That should make it clear to you that it is best to denounce and stay away from these man-made pictures and images, besides what you have seen in the above videos.

Years ago, I heard the story of a man who lived high in some dangerous mountains. He had a young son who he wanted to be educated at a school in the valley below, but it meant traveling down the mountain, around narrow roads and dangerous curves, where if the driver were to get too close to the edge, he could go over the cliff, which would mean death.

So the man put out the word that he needed a skilled driver to transport his son every day. The story went something like the  following: Three men applied for the job, and the father of the son asked each one separately to state their skills and why he should hire
him. One man said, "Why I am so skillful that I can go
down that mountain, around all the curves, and I can get within a foot of the edge and not go over." The
second man said, "I am so skillful and experienced that I can get  four inches from the edge and not go over."  But the third man said, "I am a skillful driver, but I am also a SAFE driver. I will always stay as far away from the edge the cliff as I can."

I think you know who got the job. The point is, do
we stay as far away from sin as we can, or do we get as CLOSE to it as we can without actually sinning?
So making application relative the matter of having pictures or images of Christ in our home, why take a chance at offending God with even possible idolatry? Why not stay as far away from idolatry as we can?
And, by the way,  we can make an idol of almost anything, like your job, your money, your possessions and--yes--even popular, charismatic preachers. Some of them have "fallen," I am convinced, because not only of their own sin, but because the people have made idols of them.

So let us beware, be cautious, and pray for wisdom and discernment by the hand of the God of all grace.

--Glen Berry  

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